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Jean Grey

Rise of the Phoenix

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Name:Jean "Phoenix" Grey
My name is Jean Grey. I'm different than you or anyone else in the world. I'm what's known as a mutant. I'm not afraid of the humans despite them being afraid of me.

Something happened. Perhaps it was the Professor's doing or perhaps it was something else entirely. I've died only to be reborn. Merged with what is known as the Phoenix Force. I can feel her inside of me wanting to break free but she won't. We are the same her and I. And we will help the world trust our kind. One way or another.

Powers A telepath that is able to read minds, project thoughts, send out her astral form, and manipulate thoughts to control minds, cast illusions, and alter memories. Psychokinetic; able to lift, direct, and manipulate physical objects, project psionic force blasts, generate force fields, and fly.

[Jean Grey/Phoenix does not belong to me. She belongs to Stan Lee and Marvel. And is from the X-Men movies. Also Famke Janssen owns herself. No profit is being made from this journal. It's simply for play purposes. Bio can be found here Also this Jean Grey/Phoenix is movie verse not comic verse. Mun and muse 18+]
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